Voice Broadcast System Features

Everything Below Is Included with Regular Registration
This is a self-service Voice Broadcast System with features and quality found on high-end PBX and IVR systems. However, you pay only for the calls you make. There is no hardware or software to buy. Everything below is included with your registered account:

Overall Features Include:
  • Unlimited calling structure systems are able to handle thousands of simultaneous calls
  • Call anyone in the United States and Canada (rates are available for other countries)
  • Caller ID can be customized to show any legitimate number you own(see our calling rules)
  • Use your own pre-recorded messages or send text-to-speech messages to lists of recipients
  • Create enhanced call plans that can capture recipients' digits pressed for voting or surveys
  • Create a call plan to allow forwarding to your own inbound operators
  • Create, sort, edit, or delete lists of recipients, we even accept text file or Excel file imports
  • Real-time reports show all call results including answering machine answers, no answers, busy calls and recipients' digits pressed


Call List Features Include:
  • Create and save 'Call Lists' for later use
  • Ability to import 'Call Lists' from databases via Excel import
  • Ability to enter one phone number at a time or paste thousands at a time
  • Ability to create sublists


Advanced Call Features:
  • Ability to transfer a call by pressing a digit
  • Ability to record digits pressed
  • Upload unlimited personal sound files
  • Use combination of Text-to-Speech and uploaded sound files
  • Pass variables to a specified URL
  • Act on digits pressed
  • Read variable contents to Text-to-Speech
  • Query an external server
  • Insert beep and more...


Reporting Features Include:
  • Real-time up-to-the-second reports
  • Graphical representation
  • Digits dialed
  • Duration
  • Name if available
  • Number dialed
  • Excel export
  • Ability to view past reports


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the features of this online service.