Voice Broadcast Price

Pay As You Go - No Up-Front Fees

Sign-up grants you immediate access to the service. Each month, your credit card is charged with a monthly maintenance fee of $9.99 and the transactions you have used during the month at the rate shown on the chart below. You may cancel at any time and you pay only for the transaction used (plus any monthly maintenance fee outstanding).

$9.99 a month +
Number of Transactions (minimum)Cost Per Transaction

Transactions (detailed explanation)
  • Each connected minute is charged as 1 transaction (in the United States and Canada)
  • A failed or busy signal counts as 1 transaction, but retries to the same # are free
  • A transfered call counts as 1 transaction per minute

This service is backed up by the CDYNE 100% availability SLA. This service is designed to be used from www.cdynenotify.com - no equipment or maintenance required.